100 Ways to Save Money: Quit buying bottled water.

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I’ve already said that you can save money by swearing off soft drinks.  But if you’ve started replacing your soft drinks with water and you’re getting that water from a plastic bottle, reconsider.  Aquafina, Smart Water, and the like aren’t exactly cheap.

And that’s the primary reason why today I’m telling you to stop buying bottled water (other than for emergency preparation; more on that in a later post) .  Because even if you invest in a filter system, filters, and a reusable water bottle or two, you will save money long-term as opposed to buying bottled water regularly.  Click here to read more details at The Penny Hoarder if you’re doubtful.

(And also, all those plastic bottles aren’t good for the earth, even if you recycle them.)

So buy yourself a Brita pitcher (I was gifted this one when I married, and it held up well in the eight years we used it) and the appropriate filters (these are the filters for the aforementioned pitcher) or a PUR filtration faucet mount (my husband easily installed this relatively inexpensive version at our house, and it has served us well over the last year) and the corresponding filters (these are the filters we use with our filter).  Then buy yourself a reusable bottle.  (I personally love Anchor Hocking’s new glass water bottles, even if, as one woman said, they look a little funny.)  And then drink up, knowing you’re saving money and the environment.

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