18 Printables for 2018: Time Management Planner

18 Printables for 2018: Time Management Planner | Ordered and Organized

My day got away from me in a hurry this morning.

At 7:30, my neighbor’s friend’s loud car woke me up.  At 8:00 I received a call of bad news from my family in Florida.  Then at 8:45, I received a spam text that I had an outstanding delinquent student loan balance.  (I do not.)  So I felt compelled to call the company and then posted about my experience as a warning to others on this blog’s Facebook page.

And by then, it was around 10:00.  I was ultimately able to get back on track and have a productive day.

But do you ever have these days?  Are many of your days like this?

I took control of my time by creating a time management tracker some time ago, and I’ve found it helpful in helping me determine–and avoid–my larger drains of time.  Facebook?  Huge waste of time.  Reading the news?  Another waste of time for me–it serves little purpose in my life and stresses me out.  I’ve learned to limit talking on the phone, too, because while I enjoy talking to family and friends, I’m a talker and rarely make a phone call that lasts less than an hour.

I read on a friend’s Facebook this week that you never find time to do something; you make it.  I personally think you do have to be proactive and reclaim it.  If you’re interested in reclaiming your time, download a copy of my time management planner here on the blog and track how you use your time and make adjustments accordingly.

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What Would You Do With Your Wasted Time?

If you were to “find” or “make” just an extra 30 minutes of time each day in 2018, what would you do with it?  Let me hear from you in the comments!

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