September Success!

I have good news and bad news regarding September.

The bad news is that I didn’t set up a social media account the way I intended until the end of the month.  I wanted to work more on spreading the news about this blog.

The good news is that I made my goal anyway!  I’m incredibly thankful for each of you who has visited my blog and shared my posts.  On with the details!

Post Round-Up

As I mentioned when I relaunched this blog, my goal was to publish at least one blog post monthly, focusing primarily on printables to begin.  In September, I met my goal:  Not including my status post, I published four blog posts that included multiple free printables.

At My House

My goal was to do one decluttering task a week in September, but I did more!

I started with my craft and building supplies.  On September 1st, I decluttered my acrylic paints.

Ordered and Organized | Acrylic paints

On September 2nd, I decluttered the ribbon I use for holiday and birthday banners.

Ordered and Organized | Ribbon

On September 3rd, I decluttered my paintbrushes.

Ordered and Organized | PaintbrushesOn September 4th, I decluttered my sandpaper.

Ordered and Organized | Sandpaper

On September 5th, I took a break from the hot garage and decide to declutter a drawer in the living room.  So I decluttered our 5,672 cords.

Ordered and Organized | CordsOn September 6th, I tested and organized our batteries.

Ordered and Organized | Batteries


On September 7th, I sorted through all of our hard drives, memory cards, and flash drives.

Ordered and Organized | Drives


I spent the second week of September breaking down and recycling a ton of boxes, bubble wrap, and air pillows that have stacked up in our garage and basement since we started receiving items for the new addition to our household.

The third week, I started sorting through a bunch of wood I have been saving for years for various projects.  I finished one sign and had my husband mount it on the wall.  I also finished a name sign for the  new child coming to this home, and I repaired my fall porch sign.

In short, I went above and beyond what I intended to do in organizing my home this month.

Blog Progress

Last month, I didn’t do so well at meeting my blog goals.  The story is different this month.

Goal Actual
Visits 450 516
Income $0.00 $0.00

As I mentioned above, all those visitors came without any social media presence or other marketing.

Again, I have opted not to include any affiliate links, ads, or paid printables on the blog at this time, so income to cover the $14.00 domain name is an impossibility for now.  I will likely begin including affiliate links on this blog beginning in November.

My goal for October is to have 550 visits.  You can aid me in this goal by sharing this blog.  I’d surely appreciate it!

One more thing:  I did join Twitter at the very end of September.  I’d love it if you’d follow me there!  My goal for Twitter for October is to acquire 10 followers–a small number because I’ve just never been very active on Twitter.

So that’s it for the month.  Do you have any input on the blog or on my new Twitter feed?  Leave me a comment below.  I’ll respond within a few days.


Ordered and Organized

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