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I’m currently working on transferring my blog from Blogger to WordPress.  The reason is simple:  I’m having time-consuming and frustrating problems getting graphics uploaded on Blogger’s platform. My latest post on Blogger doesn’t have its featured image because I can’t get it to upload–or even to link from the direct address here on WordPress.

At any rate, you can currently find previous posts here on WordPress and at Blogger.  New posts will be posted on both platforms for a few weeks until I’ve migrated my entire blog.  I’m two posts behind on WordPress right now, but I hope to get them uploaded on November 1st.

I hope to see you this weekend for a brand new post!  If you have any feedback on the move, please leave me a comment below.  I’ll respond within a few days.


Ordered and Organized



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Last updated:  10/31/2019

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