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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  I love it better than even Christmas.  It offers so much joy with so little stress for me.  No presents to buy or wrap, no major events to attend every weekend of the month, no big let-down the day after the holiday.  I do have to clean a bit and do a lot of cooking and baking, but I have to clean anyway, and I absolutely love cooking and baking.

So in honor of this most wonderful of holidays, I’ll be posting a few Thanksgiving-related printables this month.  (Sadly, I simply won’t be able to find enough time to post all my wonderful hacks and ideas this year, but my goal is to add these and other posts to my Thanksgiving resources in blog year two.)

Today, I’m offering a printable Thanksgiving menu.  I’ve made several over the last five years, but this one is my favorite because of its simplicity.

To download the menu, click the link below.

Ordered and Organized | DownloadsUnlike the rest of the printables on the blog at this point, this menu is actually editable.  If you download it and then open the downloaded file in Adobe Acrobat (or another portable document file program like Power PDF), you’ll be able to type your menu items right onto the menu.  I should note that you won’t have enough room to list every item included in a 7-course meal, but you can list your turkey, several sides, and a dessert or two, depending on whether you single space or double space.

Also, unlike the other printables on this blog, I have NOT included a watermark on the menu.

I hope you’re as excited as I am about the upcoming holiday.  I’ll post another Thanksgiving-related printable in the next day or two.


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