Tips for Staying Warm This Winter

Ordered and Organized | Tip for Staying Warm This Winter

I am writing this post in the middle of the fall, at the beginning of November when the temperatures in our mid-Atlantic region are already in the 20’s at night and freezing during the day.  I’m a Florida girl, and these temps this early in the season make me want to hibernate for the next 3-4 months.  Worse, we have a heat pump, and those don’t work too well when the weather is below freezing, so we have to look for other ways to keep warm during the winter months without turning on that costly auxiliary heat.  Here are some tips to stay warm while keeping your energy bills as low as possible this season.

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Free Printable: Advent Calendar Book Tags

Ordered and Organized | Christmas

A few years ago, I started assembling an advent calendar for my oldest child using Christmas books.  This year I will finally complete it.  (Books aren’t cheap, and piecing together 24 books from yard sales and thrift stores took me a while!)  So I created tags for each book to designate which book we’re reading on which day, and I’m offering those tags here for anyone interested in creating his or her own book advent calendar.  Simply print the tags on cardstock, cut them out, and attach them to the books you’ve purchased.

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