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Remember all those times when you were a kid and wanted so desperately to be grown up?

Apparently someone didn’t inform me adequately–or maybe I just didn’t listen–about the bills and the frequent home repairs and the aches and pains that would come with being an adult.

If you’re doing it right, adulting is hard. But I’ve found out that getting and keeping my home and my life–you know, your car, your work life, etc.–organized and in order is the single greatest factor to decreasing my stress. Because when the bills are paid on time, I’m not two months behind on setting my kid’s well check or dentist appointment, my mom’s Mother’s Day card and gift arrived on time, and my Christmas gifts are already wrapped and under the tree at the beginning of December, I feel as though I have more time.

More time to spend playing ball in the yard with my little girl. More time to snuggle with my husband on the couch. More time to call my mom or an old friend and talk for two hours.  More time to take day trips and even vacations with my family.

You know, all those things that make life great.

So if you’ve decided it’s time to get on top of things, join me here.  Start getting your life organized and in order, once and for all.

About Me

My name is Bridget, and I’ve been organizing my life and my work since I legally became an adult way back in 1996.  So why am I still working on it?  Well, I married a brilliant man who is horribly disorganized.  You know the type.  I can go shopping and leave him home with the kid, and when I come home, my formerly empty 90″ bar has no empty space for the shopping bags because it’s covered with dishes and glasses and wrappers and food he forgot to put away.

And my child?  Like most kids, she thinks putting things away means shoving things under her beds and into her pillowcases.  (Seriously.  Who puts things in their pillowcases?)

The good news?  Other than picking up after these two mess-makers, I’m pretty on top of things.

Most of the time.  😉

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