If You’re Shopping This Weekend . . .

If you’re shopping on Amazon this weekend and would like to help out this blog without the help costing you a penny, I’d greatly appreciate your going through the link below.  I’ll receive a small commission to help with the cost of the domain and web hosting for this site.  Thanks!

Also, if you’re looking for deals, consider these:

  • The Nest Hello doorbell is on sale a lot of places.  We bought ours on Wednesday at Lowe’s for $149–and Lowe’s was gracious enough to let us use our military discount.  Win!  (The price is usually $229.)
  • The Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide detector is on sale for $99 at Amazon and at Google.  Click here to research and purchase this item through Amazon and provide me with a few pennies of commission, again to help fund the domain and web hosting for this blog.  (The price is usually $119.)
  • My mom prefers old-fashioned pictures, so I encouraged my dad to buy the Canon SELPHY photo printer for my mom, who isn’t very tech savvy.  I suggested this package deal on Amazon so she’d have ink and paper and cables.  If you follow and purchase through that link, I’ll get a small commission to help fund the domain and web hosting fees for Ordered and Organized.
  • If you’re a Prime member, one of today’s Lightning Deals is the MyQ garage door opener.  I have this item, and I love it.  It allows me to check whether my garage door is open or closed by just looking at my app, and it also allows me to open or close the garage door from the app whether I’m in my room and my husband just forgot to close it while leaving for work or whether I realize I forgot to close it and I’m across town.  This item is just $17.98 right now, but hurry!  This deal ends soon.  Click here to view and/or purchase the MyQ.  As with the other links above, if you purchase anything through the link, I’ll get a penny or two to help fund this site.
  • Simplisafe is having a sale:  All of its new systems are 50% off.  My husband and I had AT&T Digital Life when he was an AT&T employee, but, dismayed by the $39.99 monthly bill we had after he left AT&T for a better job, we switched to Simplisafe–and we haven’t looked back.  Its footprint is smaller, it has fewer issues with the app, and the customer service is better than AT&T.  I can’t speak for ADT or any other home security system, but I highly recommend Simplisafe.
  • UPDATED:  Today, Saturday, November 30, 2019, Amazon has Rocketbooks smart notebooks on sale.  My husband received one for Christmas last year and loves his.  It enables him to use the same notebook again and again without using actual paper.  You write on the notebook with a specific (and relatively inexpensive) pen, and you can wipe the text clean from the pages later.  If you’d like to keep your notes, you can use an app to scan them.  My husband says there is also an OCR feature for the scans in the app, but he hasn’t been able to get that feature to work yet.  So far, he just has to replace the pens about once per year.  And just to give you an idea of how much we like the Rocketbook, I’m asking for one of these for Christmas this year!  Today the smaller Rocketbook is on sale with a pen and a wipe for $21.44; I paid almost $30 for the notebook only last year.  Click here to research and buy the Rocketbook notebook.  One more thing:  These are the pens we’ve purchased to go with my husband’s Rocketbook; I recommend putting them on Subscribe and Save, but they are less than $6 for two pens either way.

One final affiliate disclosure:  I’m not suggesting anything on this site that I haven’t bought myself and wouldn’t recommend.  If you have any questions about these recommended items, leave me a comment, and I’ll respond soon!


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Last updated:  11/30/2019

Leaving October

Do you know the song “Leaving October”?  Probably not.  Sons of the Desert sang it around two decades ago, and it’s one of my favorite songs.

But I digress.

I had a good month in October overall.

Honestly, I didn’t do a great job of posting or acquiring followers on Twitter this month.  Most times I log on Twitter and wonder why I’m even on it.  People are so nasty there!  But it’s a good place in my opinion to share links, and that’s one primary reason why I’m there.  Well, that and apparently it’s a great place to market your blog.  We’ll see.

At any rate, I did hit my unambitious Twitter goal in October anyway.  And even better, I did reach my visits goal for October!

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Hello Again!

Ordered and Organized | Hello, World!

I’m currently working on transferring my blog from Blogger to WordPress.  The reason is simple:  I’m having time-consuming and frustrating problems getting graphics uploaded on Blogger’s platform. My latest post on Blogger doesn’t have its featured image because I can’t get it to upload–or even to link from the direct address here on WordPress.

At any rate, you can currently find previous posts here on WordPress and at Blogger.  New posts will be posted on both platforms for a few weeks until I’ve migrated my entire blog.  I’m two posts behind on WordPress right now, but I hope to get them uploaded on November 1st.

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June Success!

Ordered and Organized | June

Post Round-Up

As I mentioned when I relaunched this blog last month, I didn’t create any lofty goals for updating this blog this year.  My goal was to publish at least one blog post monthly, focusing primarily on printables to begin.  In June, I was more than successful:  Not including the relaunch post, I published five blog posts that included seven free printables.

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