How To Delete Your Google Account

I mentioned last month that one of my old Google accounts had been compromised, and I explained how I secured it.  I decided to delete that account, given I wasn’t using it.

First, I made sure I was signed into the appropriate Google account.  I can’t imagine how upsetting it would be to delete my primary account with all of my e-mail, my calendar, and my blog attached to it!

If you have a brand account, you can delete it (or transfer the account) from here.  Click on brand accounts.

I don’t even know what the top “brand account” was for.  I knew I didn’t want it, though.  So I clicked on “Delete Account.”

I had to enter the account password again.  (Again, make sure you are within the correct Google account if you’re doing following these steps!)  Then I had to enter a code from a text since I have two-factor authentication set up.

You’ll have to read a page with some important language and check some boxes.  But then you can delete your brand account.

Then it’s on to deleting data.  I deleted all my contacts.

I made sure all of my photos were downloaded and deleted.

I made sure all of my books had been transferred.

And I made sure I transferred all the data from my old calendar to my current one.

Wondering how to download all of that information?  In your Google Dashboard, you’ll see panes like this.  Click on those dots.  Then click on “Download data.”

When you’re finished deleting everything, you can (FINALLY!) delete your account.  AGAIN, make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN you are logged in on the correct account before you take this step!

I’ll be honest.  I found this endeavor more than a little stressful because Google frequently insists on returning to my default account, which I definitely do NOT want deleted.  I decided to log out of all of my other accounts next time I delete another account to prevent such a mistake.

My personal goal is to delete one account a week until I have all of them deleted.  Sadly, I have about ten from the last decade-plus–and various blogs and other ventures.  I’ll likely update this post as I delete additional accounts, particularly given this old account had very little data within it compared to my other accounts.  I will note that even this outdated account with little data required about an hour to delete.  I can’t imagine the time required to delete my current personal account.

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How To Secure Your Google Account

Someone in Brazil tried to access one of my old Google accounts last month.  I was less than thrilled.

The first thing I did was to notify Google of the problem.  Then I changed my password as recommended to something far different from what I’d had.

I was still a little leery of what had happened, though, so I decided to change the password on the Yahoo e-mail account this Google account is attached to as well.

(Yes, I need to close out some of those windows.)

And then I decided to secure the old Google account.  I changed my profile picture to a blank picture since a profile picture is visible to everyone.  (To do that, while you’re on the Google site, just click on the picture in the top right hand corner of the screen, specifically on the word “Change.”)  I just used this picture, which you can save and use yourself by right-clicking on it and saving it to your computer if you choose.

I changed my profile name to my initials, too, just to be safe. 

Then I followed Google’s security check-up list.  I signed out all of my old tablets, computers, and phones.  And then I verified my current e-mail address and phone number.

I also opted in on 2-step verification.

I also reviewed my permissions to ensure that no apps or extensions other than Chrome had my log-in information.

And finally I downloaded and deleted all photos associated with my account.

I also took sometime to delete and turn off my YouTube history.

I will ultimately delete this entire account.  I’ll post about how to delete a Google account at that time.  In the meantime, I hope this blog post gives you an idea of how to make your Google account more secure.

Also, you can expect a free printable password list available here soon.

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