December Holiday Calendar {FREE}

Thanksgiving is over, but the bustle of the holiday season is just getting started.  On this last day of Thanksgiving vacation–if you were blessed enough to get one–spend some time organizing your calendar for December.

Write out what dates you are traveling home.  Check the school’s or church’s newsletters or web sites to determine when those plays and cantatas are.  Decide what days would be least hectic for taking the kids to see Santa or the local Christmas light display.  Write all of these in on your calendar.

And if you don’t have a calendar, I’ve created one for you!  You’ll need to subscribe to get free access, but after you’ve joined and have the password, go to the freebies vault to access the calendar and my other free resources.


I’m sure there’s a planning page or feature you think would be a great addition to this holiday calendar.  Let me know in the comments–I’ll consider adding to it!

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