How to Organize Food Storage Containers

When I was first married, I had a few Rubbermaid food storage containers and a lot of cheap Betty Crocker plastic food storage containers from Dollar Tree.  (These were a step up from the Country Crock containers much of my family used when I was a child!)  But I was blessed to receive a box of Pyrex food storage for our wedding, and at some point, I decided to migrate to it for all of my food storage.  For several years, I scoured the Black Friday papers to find the best deals on Pyrex.  Finally, for Christmas of 2015, I acquired enough that I’ve not encountered a lack of Pyrex storage since.

I know some people stick with their Tupperware and their other food storage solutions.  I prefer Pyrex because I don’t feel as though it’s seeping anything into my food.  And although I was once scared of the possibility of broken glass around my young child, I’ve never dropped a Pyrex container and actually had it break–and I have dropped a piece or two.  It’s sturdy stuff!

(As a side note, if you, too, are interested in migrating to Pyrex, check out the ads for Black Friday this coming week!  I’ve seen some deals, and I’ll likely be posting those on my Facebook page later in the week.)

But regardless of whether you have Tupperware, Rubbermaid, Pyrex, or some other food storage solution (Cool Whip containers, anyone?), you have to have a way to store it, right?  Some way other than throwing lids and bowls in a cabinet?

If you don’t, today I have the perfect easy and quick challenge for you:  Organize your food storage containers.

Your Mission

Pull out all of your food storage containers and their lids, and place them on your counter or table.  Go through each one, ensuring you have a matching, close-fitting lid for each.  If you’re missing a lid, either purchase a new one (you can buy individual Pyrex lids at some outlet malls) or toss the container, depending on the cost and your preference.  If you’re missing a container, you can either get rid of the lid or keep it if you have other bowls that match it.  I say this because you never know when one will turn up missing.  I myself currently have one missing lid in my household.  :/

If your lids fit on the bottom of your containers (I do still have one set of Rubbermaid containers that do that!), seat the containers in the lids.  If you don’t, consider this option.  Purchase a basket that will fit inside the cabinet in which you store your food storage.  I personally bought a bin from Dollar Tree for a dollar!  And then throw all your lids in that container.  Stack your bowls in one area (or on one shelf), and place the bin nearby (or on the shelf below or above).

You can also choose to buy an organizer.  Try searching at Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, or The Container Store, and you’ll find one.  Some are very poorly reviewed; some cost a bit more than I wanted to pay.  But they do exist.  I just find that the method I described above works best for me–for the total cost of $1.06 with sales tax.

Your Thoughts?

How did you organize your food storage containers?  Did you buy an organizer?  Let me hear from you in the comments!

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