How to Organize Your Dinnerware and Glassware

A friend and I were chatting a few weeks ago about what type of dinnerware we’ll use for Thanksgiving Day.  She has a significantly larger family than I, and she’s using paper plates and plastic cups.  I, on the other hand, am using my china for this holiday.

The china I haven’t used in six years.  Because it’s been in an army foot locker since we moved at the end of 2012.

I suspect this Thanksgiving dinner will be the last hurrah for the china.  I intend to try to sell it.  If I can’t, I’ll figure out something else to do with it.  I loved it when I picked it out when I was in my 20’s, but now that I’m (*gasps*) 40-ish, I just don’t even want to bother having “special” dinnerware.  I don’t want to store it, I don’t want to use it, and I don’t want to clean it.

I also don’t want to get rid of it.

But I know I need to.

Because I have “everyday” dinnerware.  I actually have a couple of different sets.  Initially, I bought Fiesta dinnerware.  “They’re beautiful!” I gushed. “They’re made in the U.S.A.!” I boasted.  “I can put them in the oven, microwave, and dishwasher,” I bragged.  But then I bought a set of Corelle for $8 on Black Friday, and I was hooked.  It’s so light!  It doesn’t scratch!  It’s so easily stored in my 1960’s cabinets!

Similarly, I have too much drinkware.  I have Mason jar glasses, stemless wine glasses (I don’t even drink wine!), unbreakable glasses for my young child, and tea goblets.  It doesn’t all fit in the cabinet!

Do you get where I’m going here?  I don’t need all this dinnerware, nor do I need all this glassware.  Today is a perfect time to get rid of some of it.  And so I challenge you to do the same.

The Challenge

Pull out all of your dishes and glassware, and put them on your table or counter.  Then go through, dish by dish, glass by glass, and sell or donate what you no longer need or want.  Then return all of your remaining dishware and glassware to your cabinet.

I’d suggest pulling out travel mugs, sippy cups, thermoses, etc. at the same time and sorting through those as well.  (I even decided this week to buy a basket and store my husband’s thermos, RTIC mug, aluminum water bottle, and lunch bag in the basket on top of the refrigerator.)

Rather than stacking your plates, you can find plate organizers, or you can even build your own.  A word of caution:  Measure your cabinets and plates before you buy plate holders or organizers.  I give this advice because I love the idea of the plate cradles on Amazon, but my current cabinets just aren’t tall enough for them.  So I stack my plates.  In fact, stacking my plates is one reason I decided during my own dishware purge to gift my Fiesta; Fiesta sometimes scratches when stacked.

One final note:  You can also buy mug hooks to organize your coffee cups/mugs and save some space in your cabinets.  I haven’t tried any, but if you do, let me know if you like them.  You could also make a DIY mug holder from a few pieces of wood (check Pinterest for more ideas) or look for a mug tree at a thrift store.

How’d You Do?

Did you donate or gift any of your dinnerware or glassware?  Let me hear from you in the comments!

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