Pulling Myself Up by the Bootstraps

Pulling Myself Up By the Bootstraps | Ordered and Organized
Last updated: May 25, 2018 at 2:34 am


I never heard of “pulling yourself up by the bootstraps” until I was in college.  One of my favorite English professors used that phrase with some frequency.  I became quite a fan of the concept, and I still love it today.  A girl like me who likes fresh starts definitely loves the idea of succeeding by one’s own efforts, especially after periods of adversity.

The Worst Is Over . . .

I’ve spent the last month or two fretting about the General Data Protection Regulation, more commonly known as the GDPR.  This law is enforceable beginning today, May 25, 2018.  After weeks of worrying, researching, and drafting, I finally posted a revised privacy and cookie policy first thing yesterday morning and sent a newsletter regarding the changes to my mailing list members in the afternoon.  Then this evening, I turned off commenting on the blog–a step I hope is a temporary measure until I can get my head wrapped around this law and how it will be enforced.

. . . Or Is It?

I wish I could tell you that a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  But I really don’t feel all that relieved.  For one thing, I’m sure I will be revising my policies and fine-tuning the way I handle data for ages to come, given that the law itself is vague and its implementation and enforcement will really tell the tale.  (I already know I’m going to make changes to my privacy policy later next week.)

But what really makes me more than a little crazed is that I feel as though all of this stress and deliberation has put me very far behind on this blog.  I have started–but not finished–between 25 and 50 blog posts in the last weeks.  I even drafted a newsletter or two that was never even sent.  And all because I’ve just been so stressed over the GDPR!

Another “Fresh” Start

So starting tomorrow, I’ll be pulling myself up by the bootstraps and posting more regularly on this blog.  To begin, I’ll be posting revised printables on an all-new member resources page through out this weekend and the following week.  If you’re interested in those but aren’t a member of my mailing list, click here to subscribe (and consent!).  But for goodness sake, make sure you read the privacy policy first!  😉

See you soon!

Bridget | Ordered and Organized

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