Tips on Cleaning Surfaces

Tips on Cleaning Surfaces | Ordered and Organized

I’ve already talked about my “cleaning rotations” (my name for my daily cleaning schedule) for cleaning bathrooms, kitchens, and floors, so now it’s time to talk about how I clean the dining room, bedrooms, and living room all in one day each week.  Read on for details on what I affectionately call surface cleaning day.

I spend Tuesdays cleaning all the non-floor, non-upholstery surfaces in my dining room, bedrooms, and living room, one type of surface at a time.  (Remember that I clean all the floors in one day each week and that I clean upholstery surfaces the same day since I have the vacuum out.)

Daily Cleaning

  • Make the beds.  (My four-year-old child makes her own bed.)
  • Clean dining table.
  • Tidy.

Weekly Cleaning

  • Clean glass and mirrored surfaces:  mirrors, computer screens, televisions, and picture frames.
  • Dust:  furniture, picture frames, signs, lamps, and (a few) knick-knacks.  I use a duster from Dollar Tree, one that I can throw in the washing machine for easy cleaning.

Monthly Cleaning

  • Dust light kits and fan blades.
  • Dust vents and registers.
  • Clean wax warmers.

Bi-Annual Cleaning (Spring Cleaning and Holiday Cleaning)

  • Clean dining room chandelier.
  • Clean doorknobs.
  • Clean light switchplates.
  • Clean vents and registers.
  • Dust thermostat.
  • Dust smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.
  • Clean inside floor lamps.


  • As I’ve said in the past, my four-year-old child helps a lot.  She and I typically can clean surfaces in about 15 minutes each week.

What Do You Do?

Do you clean all your non-floor, non-bathroom, non-kitchen surfaces at one time as I do?  Let me hear from you in the comments!

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