18 Printables for 2018: Charitable Donation Log

Disclaimer:  I’m not an accountant or (tax) attorney.  You should seek one if you need tax advice. 

If you’re going to get credit for those last charitable donations for the 2017 tax year, today’s the day–and that includes donating those bags of clothes or no-longer-needed items in your vehicle’s trunk or your garage.  Get those items out of your house today just in time to begin afresh in 2018 . . . and use my free charitable donation log to keep track of what you’ve donated for tax purposes.

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Did You Get All Your Donations Out Today?

I’ll be honest.  I’m not getting all of my charitable donations to the thrift store today.  But I did donate a trunkload of items recently when I started packing my house to move (again).

But what about you?  Are you donating anything today?  Let me hear from you in the comments!

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