18 Printables For 2018: No Spend Calendar

18 Printables for 2018: No Spend Calendar | Ordered and Organized

Over the next 18 days, I’ll be posting 18 printables to help you gain control of your home and life in 2018.

Today, buoyed by thoughts of how much money I’ve spent this year on Christmas, I’m posting a no-spend calendar for January.  If you’re trying to save money–whether for savings purposes or for paying off debt–you can use this calendar to mark off the days you are successful at spending no money.  You can list exceptions like food, medical care, etc. at the bottom of the calendar.  I’ve also included a space for you to keep track of your electric and gas usage.  (I check my meters daily when I’m trying to save money.)

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I’ll be posting a no-spend calendar on the first day of each month in 2018.  Come back for next month’s calendar–and let me know of any additions or changes you’d like to see to the calendar for future months!

What Do You Think?

Have you ever tried a no spend month?  Do you intend to try one (or more) in 2018?

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