18 Printables for 2018: Weekly Planner

18 Printables for 2018: Weekly Planner | Ordered and Organized

In the closing days of 2018, I’m posting 18 printables to help you organize your home and your life in the new year.  So far, I’ve posted a no spend calendar, a net worth spreadsheet, a monthly bill pay checklist, a debt snowball worksheet, a debt snowball progress chart, a time management planner, and a Post-it day planner.

Today, I am providing a free weekly planner for those of you who use planners.  Simply download it to your computer and print it.

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Then come back tomorrow to find out what the next freebie printable is!


Do you use a planner?  Is there anything I can add to this one to improve it?  Let me hear from you in the comments!

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