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Just in case you haven’t heard, Amazon Prime Day started yesterday, Monday, July 16th, 2018, at 3:00 P.M. Eastern, and continues through midnight tonight, July 17th.   Although Amazon had some major glitches with its web site almost as soon as its self-declared holiday began, it is possible to place an order; I myself ordered a few items spread out over two orders yesterday.

So why should you be interested?  Last year, my husband and I saved about 50% on his (expensive) coffee and his work shirts.  I bought him a second black Izod polo shirt for work this year for less than $15 (I haven’t found a single black polo shirt that holds its color as well as an Izod, by the way).  And I bought some storage cubes so that we can finally get his closet organized (he has more clothes than I do!).

If you’re already an Amazon Prime member, you’re set to have access to the deals.  If not, well, I can attest that if you buy a lot of items from Amazon or live in an area where you have access to Prime Now, it’s worth it.  Four months ago, we moved to the boondocks, so we no longer have access to Prime Now.  I’ll really miss it this winter because when my daughter was sick this past year, I would order OTC meds and snacks for her and Mountain Dew for me.

That said, we’re really working on our debt snowball, so we’re buying less and less from Amazon.  We had decided to let our membership lapse for at least a while, but since our membership just expired on July 5th, I decided to renew for one month so that we can access the Prime Day deals.  I’ll cancel in August and then pay the monthly fee again in November just in time for Christmas shopping.  Worst case scenario, I’ll spend about $39 this year for Amazon Prime instead of the $119 Amazon recently increased the price to.  The price difference of $80 will pay almost a month of my husband’s student loan, which we’re currently working diligently on paying off.

At any rate, if you’re not a Prime member but you want access to the deals and and you’d like to try an Amazon Prime membership free for 30 days, click below:

Note:  I’ll receive a small “bounty” if you click through the link above and obtain a free trial membership  That money will defray the cost of this blog and help me to add more content.  You can find more information in my affiliate disclosure here.

If you’re already a Prime Member, make sure that your mailing address and other information are correct so that you can have fast access to the deals and avoid hassle.

What About the Deals?  Well . . .

Here are some deals that I’ve been impressed with so far:

(A hint:  If you’re looking to buy a gift like an Echo Dot or an Instant Pot for someone for Christmas, don’t.  I’m fairly certain they will be back on sale for Black Friday and then you can return them if they are defective.  Your return window will expire in August if you buy Christmas gifts this month.)

I can’t speak for the Instant Pot or the Roomba because I don’t have them, but I love my Echo Dot, my Waterpik, and my laminator–and I bought those storage cubes myself during this sale.  (Join my Facebook group to check out the Facebook Live I did all about the Echo Dot.)

If you’re on the hunt for tech, be aware that a lot of Amazon devices are on sale.  Like a Kindle Fire.  And a Kids Edition Kindle Fire tablet, too.  And allegedly some HDTV’s are also fantastic deals.  Based on other research online, all this tech will basically be cheaper on Prime Day than on Black Friday.

(All of those links above are affiliate links, by the way, and if you purchase through them, I’ll get a small commission to help defray the costs of this blog.  And it won’t cost you a penny!  Click here to read my full affiliate disclosure.)


Other retailers are starting to fight back against Prime Day.  Apparently Prime Day is now considered a summertime Black Friday by some.  So as always, check other retailers for deals, too, before you make any purchases.  Who knows?  You might find that Instant Pot cheaper elsewhere–like at Amazon’s competitors Walmart or Target, for example.  (As an example, I’ve seen Izod polo shirts in other colors for less than $15 elsewhere in the last 24 hours.)

One more thing:  Target is having a big sale, by the way.  Click here for more details.  (That is NOT an affiliate link.)

Any Questions?

If you have any questions or just want to share your thoughts about Amazon Prime Day (or even just about Amazon in general), let me know by posting in the comments on the Facebook posting about this blog post.  I’ll respond.

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