How to Revoke Paypal Authorizations

Ordered and Organized | Financial Clean-Up: How to Revoke Paypal Authorizations

I’m a huge fan of Paypal because it enables me to purchase items and subscriptions online without giving my credit card number to various entities I don’t really know or trust.  The problem with Paypal arises when one of those entities is a subscription or automatic renewal service and renews when you didn’t intend it to.

As an example, my old web host charged my Paypal account a week early in November, around the time of the beginning of my most recent move.  I had a note on my calendar to cancel the account because I knew I would be changing web hosts.  But I hadn’t actually canceled the account at that point because I had not had a chance to import the e-mails in my domain’s e-mail account into my Gmail account.

At any rate, sometimes you just need–or maybe just want–to revoke (remove, delete, cancel, etc.) your Paypal authorizations (also called permissions, payments, etc.).  Here is a step-by-step tutorial to assist you in doing so.

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