Day-by-Day Decluttering, Day 3: Discard Tattered, Stained Laundry

Day-by-Day Decluttering - Day 3: Discard Tattered, Stained Laundry | Ordered and Organized
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This is post #3 in a series called Day-by-Day Decluttering , which I’m creating to help those of you who are just getting started–or starting over again–on decluttering.  If you’re new here, click here to start at day 1.  

If you’re following along in the new Day-by-Day Decluttering feature on this blog, you can probably guess where I’m headed today.  Given we spent day 1 tossing garbage and day 2 doing the dishes, what’s the next “procrasticlutter” that needs to be dealt with?  Yep.  The laundry.  And you could do all that laundry today.  Except that some of you are like me and have clothes or sheets or towels or dishtowels with holes or fraying or (permanent) stains in them because you just haven’t gotten around to tossing them yet.  Toss those today so that you can save yourself some time, water, and detergent tomorrow.

One more thing:  Even if you have a shirt and sheets with holes but those are clean and in your drawer, toss them today if you can.  Replace them if you can and your budget allows.  (This advice still follows the one-in, one-out rule that I swear by.)

Toss Anything?

Did you discard any clothes or towels or other linens today?  Let’s celebrate the decluttering!  Post in the comments below or on the Facebook page!

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