Day-by-Day Decluttering, Day 5: Discard Old Throw Pillows

Day-by-Day Decluttering - Day 5: Discard Old Throw Pillows | Ordered and Organized
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Today is the fifth part in a series called Day-by-Day Decluttering , which I’m creating to help those of you who are just getting started–or starting over again–on decluttering.  Today, we really get started on decluttering rather than the previous focus on clearing “procrasticlutter.”  If you’re new here, you can click here to start at day 1.  Links to all the posts are at the bottom of this post.  

Today is a good day to get started on serious decluttering!  Consider starting with all those old throw pillows you have lying on beds, couches, and in chairs.

So inspect your throw pillows today, both indoor and outdoor ones.  If you have any that are permanently stained, damaged, flattened, or faded, toss them.  And even if you have any that are in good shape but they aren’t being used or you don’t love them, donate them to the local thrift store.

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I love throw pillows. At one point a decade ago, I had enough of them to stretch across my entire couch twice. (We actually moved them to sit down.) I have decluttered them over the years, but when I packed up our old house in March, I still couldn’t bear to get rid of a last few, despite that they have seen much better days. Now that I am in the new house, I realize that I am keeping them for no reason other than sentiment. They are old, mostly flat, and probably dirtier than I would like. And they don’t even match my decor anymore! So they are leaving. I do still have a few throw pillows, particularly the big IKEA pillow I use for napping on the couch and another I use for lumbar support in my big chair. So today, take a look at your throw pillows and decide whether you really need them. And if you are keeping them, consider whether you need to clean them. 🙂

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One final thing:  If you’re keeping at least some of your pillows, consider whether you should clean them–and then make a plan to do just that.

Got Throw Pillows?

Did you dispose of any throw pillows today?  How many?  Post a picture on my Facebook page or on Instagram with the hashtag #daybydaydecluttering!

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