Day-by-Day Decluttering, Day 4: Wash (All) the Laundry

Day-by-Day Decluttering - Day 4: Wash (All) the Laundry | Ordered and Organized
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Today is the fourth part in a series called Day-by-Day Decluttering , which I’m creating to help those of you who are just getting started–or starting over again–on decluttering.  If you’re new here, click here to start at day 1.  Links to all the posts is at the bottom of this post.  

If you did yesterday’s challenge in the Day-by-Day Decluttering feature on this blog, you know what today’s challenge is.

The laundry.

Yep, do it all.  Well, maybe other than the clothes you and your household members are currently wearing.  Seriously, though, spend today catching up if you’re behind.

Then create a laundry routine to help yourself stay above the water.  I try to wash a load of laundry every single weekday–just one.  This practice keeps me from having to do laundry on the weekends.  Your mileage may vary, though; keep in mind I have a relatively small family.  Figure out what works for you and your household.

Laundry Mountain?

Did you catch up on a huge pile of laundry today?  No one’s judging here!  Share a picture of the before pile on my Facebook page or on Instagram with the hashtag #daybydaydecluttering!

Catch Up!

If you’ve missed the previous decluttering challenges, check out the links below:

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