Fresh Snow, Fresh Start!

Ordered and Organized | Snowy drive

The day after a heavy snow always gives me hope of a fresh start.  In particular, the first snow always seems white, clean, and sparkling.  I absolutely love it.

Ordered and Organized | Fresh snow

I’m a transplant from the deep South, so the winter storm we encountered this weekend marked my first pre-Christmas experience with snow.   This particular snow was especially encouraging to me, as I’m beginning a new path this coming year.

Ordered and Organized | Snowy drive

And so . . . I’m changing up things here on the blog again–I hope for the last time.  Over time, I’ll be archiving, replacing, and deleting some old posts as I take this blog in a new direction.  I’ll be blogging just once or twice a month, but I’ll be more consistent about not missing entire months at a time.  I’m going to get rid of my varied social media and focus on one social medium at a time, starting with Facebook.  And for those of you who are subscribers to my newsletter, I’ll be revamping it entirely, too.  In fact, subscribers, I’m going to be adding and deleting some files in the freebies bank, and I expect I’ll be taking that freebies bank in a new direction altogether at some point.

These are plans I’ve felt led to implement for a couple of months, and although I intended to begin in January, the inspiration of this weekend’s snow and the holiday season has me thinking I may begin a little earlier than anticipated.  So keep an eye out on Facebook for new, fresh content leading up to Christmas.

And now for the new direction of the blog.  Ordered and Organized has long been an organizing blog, and I’ve even blogged about getting your life and finances in order–and I’ll still be doing both.  But I’m adding a new overarching theme.  In my various blog posts and social media, I’ve espoused my religious beliefs from time to time, but I haven’t been at all outspoken about those.  But now I’m moving in the direction of refocusing my life on God and transitioning this blog into a Proverbs 31 blog.  And yes, I’m sticking with the Ordered and Organized name.  Because God is not the author of confusion, right?  (Yes, the latter is slightly out of context, but still true.)

I hope you will join me here and on my brand new Facebook page as I get started during the coming weeks.  And if you have friends who are working–or struggling–to center their lives and homes on Christ, I hope you’ll share with them.

In the meantime, I pray each of you has a merry Christmas!

Bridget | Ordered and Organized