How to Organize Reusable Shopping Bags

How to Organize Reusable Shopping Bags | Ordered and Organized

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Have you ever seen that woman or man in the grocery store with 15 worn, filmsy mismatched reusable shopping bags?

I was that woman. I purchased a set of bags from the commissary circa 2011. My sister-in-law sent me some from Whole Foods around the same time. Then my mother-in-law gave me some from IKEA the next year. But so frequently I left all of these bags at the house when I went to the store, so I ended up buying multiple plastic bags from both LIDL and ALDI.

I had a lot of shopping bags.  But I didn’t really need them all.  I needed some that I could keep with me, and I needed an insulated bag.

The Solution(s)

These were the solutions for my problem:

  • Foldable, washable shopping bags to fit into the vehicles or even my purse.  You can buy these for a reasonable price on Amazon.
  • A grocery cart shopping bag.  The one I purchased for $7.99 from ALDI has a zippered insulated compartment, another zippered compartment to hold coupons, and a slot to hold a quarter for ALDI’s shopping carts.  It has bulit-in clips to secure it to a shopping cart, expands to 28 inches, and will hold 30 pounds of food–including a medium-sized Thanksgiving turkey!

After I bought these, I discarded my old cloth bags and recycled the plastic ones I’d purchased from previous trips to LIDL and ALDI.  I have much less clutter to deal with now when I go shopping!  In fact, I take only the grocery cart shopping bag with me–and I actually just leave it in my vehicle.

Note:  While I haven’t yet bought them, for larger shopping trips I’m considering these foldable upright box “bags.”  They are well-reviewed and would keep my bags from falling at self-checkout, but they are more difficult to clean than my current bags.

Your Turn!

I said all that to say this:  Spend some time today decluttering your shopping bags.  Buy a set that works for you if yours aren’t working for you or if you’ve never bought any.   If you have bags like my old ones–worn and tattered–discard them.  If you have too many, get rid of a few.

If you’re content with the shopping bags you already have, do take some time to clean them.  It’s not something you think about often, is it?  But it does need to be done.  Check out Good Housekeeping for some tips on getting them clean.  And then make a note on your cleaning schedule to wash them regularly to keep them clean.  After all, they do carry your food in them.

After you’ve decluttered and cleaned your reusable shopping bags, organize them.  Hang them on a hook in a linen closet, fold them and store them in a basket or in your purse,  or put them in a container in your car.

How Did You Do?

How many shopping bags do you have?  How often do you wash them?  Let me hear from you in the comments!

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