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Every family has different priorities.

A few weeks ago, Joanna and Chip Gaines’ Facebook page displayed a picture of jewelry they are trying to sell.  A single, simple necklace was $60.  Several women noted that the piece was too expensive.  But another person commented that she loves the jewelry because it is (allegedly) handmade in Texas.  Other people might buy the jewelry because it is a product of a business owned by the Gaineses, perhaps because they like who Chip and Joanna are on television, perhaps because Chip and Joanna share their values and profess to be Christians.

In contrast, several ladies at my church church last month expressed their love of Paparazzi jewelry.  If you’re not aware, all Paparazzi jewelry is $5, so if you lose it, the damage is negligible.  According to the Paparazzi web site, Paparazzi jewelry is made in China.  But because of its origins, it is definitely affordable–and you won’t have nightmares about losing it (the way I do about my engagement ring!).

The jewelry I buy–and ask my husband to buy–is middle-of-the-road.  The second year we were married, he bought me diamond stud earrings for my birthday while he was deployed.  The earrings are lovely.  They were also several hundred dollars, and because of that, I never wear them because I am afraid of losing them.  My aunt, who is one of the top realtors in the country and quite frankly can afford to buy whatever earrings she wants, once lost a diamond earring in a house and now wears fakes out and about.

We all have priorities.  I generally try to avoid items made in China when I can, but I won’t pay a fortune to do so because my husband and I are still trying to get out of debt. I have nightmares about losing my nice diamond engagement ring, so the rest of my jewelry is fake at this point.  I’ll gladly spend money on reusable mesh produce bags and shopping bags and stainless steel straws because I am passionate about the zero plastic and zero waste movements.  I’m glad to use a clothesline instead of my new LG dryer for multiple reasons.  But I’m not going to undertake the time-consuming process of making my pasta by hand because of the packaging involved in buying it.  A friend of mine has just undertaken the tasks of making her own ketchup and other condiments.  I’m not going to do that (anymore) because I’ve already been there and done that and found that homemade ketchup goes bad quickly in the refrigerator and has a weird consistency if frozen.  To each her own.

We all have to figure out what our priorities are, and they differ from person to person.  What do you value?  Money?  Time with your family?  Feeding your family quality food without preservatives? Saving the earth?  Buying handmade?

Always remember that you “vote” with your dollars and your time.

What are your priorities?

What do you view as most important?  Time?  Money?  Family?  I’d love to hear them!  Share your thoughts on the Facebook posting for this blog post.

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