Ways to Save Money While Spending

Ways to Save Money While Spending | Ordered and Organized

Disclaimer:  I’ve recommended some rebates programs below.  I can’t promise you won’t have any bad experiences with these, but I haven’t–so far.  Your mileage may vary! 

Spendy.  In our household, this weekend was definitely a spendy one.  (I had never even heard of that word until I met my husband, who used it frequently when we were dating.  But I digress)  But I did save money in a few ways while we were spending.  Read on for more details and tips.

I’ve wanted a new chest freezer since we moved into this house in March.  We had an upright freezer at our old house, one my cousin had given us about five years ago.  But we had to leave it behind.  Our old one saved us a lot of money; I was able to stock up when I found great deals on meat.  Like last week when I found pork loin at our commissary for $0.88 per pound.  Can’t really beat that!

At any rate, after months of stalking a Frigidaire freezer that I expected to spend about $225 for at Lowe’s, I found a well-rated 6.9 cu. ft. Magic Chef freezer on sale at Home Depot for $168.  Given that price, my husband and I decided that since winter is coming, we should buy the freezer and stock up now so that I don’t really have to shop much when the snow comes.  (I’m from Florida, and I don’t drive in snow despite that I kinda live up North now.)

So we bought the freezer.  We went to the store and picked it up in our SUV to save the $79 delivery fee and to get our 10% military discount, which saved us nearly $17.  To get even more savings, I bought gift cards from Raise and, with a code available this weekend, shaved around 5% off the final price.

You can’t really beat that either.  🙂

My husband and I also bought new furniture this weekend.  Specifically, we bought three Kallax units from IKEA–one approximately $70 and two approximately $40 each.  Fortunately, Hip2Save had alerted me to a coupon for $20 off $125 at IKEA.

Ways to Save Money While Spending | Ordered and Organized
We’ve been eyeing the Kallax units for a couple of months. I’m glad we waited to purchase them.

So we were able to use that coupon to save over 10% of our original purchase price.  Frankly, we didn’t need the storage units, but we wanted them for organizing our home, and since we were planning to build storage units for two closets and a new entertainment center this coming year, we chose this option to save some money (on wood, paint, etc.) and time.  Plus, the units we bought appear to be way sturdier than anything you would get at, say, Target.  And I don’t have to paint; that’s always a win for me.

While we were doing all this shopping on Saturday, my husband decided he wanted to eat out.  We’ve cut our dining out budget significantly–from $250 per month a few months ago to $100 per month now.  So instead of eating somewhere fancy, we ate at Bob Evans, which is tied with Cracker Barrel for our daughter’s favorite place to get pancakes.  I used discounted gift cards from Raise to save 15.3% on our meal, which was already discounted by our waiter because of the length of time we had to wait for our meal.  We have about $17 left over on that gift card for another meal, and I completed the survey on our receipt to get $4 off that meal, too.

Finally, having realized that my daughter has outgrown her size 11 sneakers and is well on her way to a size 13, I decided I needed to buy her some new shoes.  I bought her a new pair of size 13 sneakers plus four pairs of closed-toe ballet flats in upcoming sizes for the future.  Since Payless had a good sale going ($4.99 ballet flats!) and allowed an additional 25% off code I found through the Honey extension on Chrome, I was able to get those five pairs of shoes for just over $25–with free shipping!  I used a discounted gift card from Raise and spent just over $25 for the entire purchase including tax.  Additionally, since I shopped on my laptop from the comfort of my living room, I received 1% cash back on the purchase of my Raise gift card at Ebates and then another 3% on my Payless purchase.  Win, win!

Ways to Save Money While Spending | Ordered and Organized
Every little bit counts when you’re trying to pay off debt!

To recap, some ideas for saving money:

  1. Always inquire about a military discount if you are current or former military or a military dependent.
  2. Use discounted gift cards from Raise when they are available.  (This is a referral link.  If you join through this link and make a purchase within 30 days of signing up, both you and I will get $5.)
  3. Shop sales when you can.
  4. Search for coupons and codes before you click “Place order.”
  5. Use the Honey Chrome extension to find money-saving codes if you are shopping from your computer.  (This is a referral link.  If you join through this link and make a purchase through the Honey extension or web site, I will get $5.)
  6. When you shop online, use Ebates to get cash back.  (This is a referral link.  If you join through this link and spend at least $25, you’ll get $10, and I’ll get $25.)
  7. Complete surveys on receipts if they offer discounts or coupons in return.

Here is a very important final tip: Always shop around and verify that you are getting the best deal. You can pay more even if you get a discount, use a coupon, shop on sale, and use a discounted gift card if the price was horrible to begin with.

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Ways to Save Money While Spending | Ordered and Organized

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