What Does “Ordered and Organized” Mean To You?

Those of you who’ve stuck with me from the beginning know that this blog used to be called Simplify. Declutter. Organize.  But after getting some feedback, I happened on the name “Ordered and Organized,” and praise the Lord, it was available.

So I’ve been thinking this week about what “ordered and organized” means to me.

  • My taxes are scanned and my paper copies are in the filing cabinet.
  • My library books aren’t overdue.
  • My owner’s manuals are organized by room and in the filing cabinet.
  • My digital photos and home videos are organized.
  • My movies are organized–and that means alphabetized.
  • My pantry is organized.
  • I don’t have things I don’t either need or love.
  • My house is regularly cleaned.
  • My key ring has only the keys I need.
  • My wallet is organized, and my purse is clean and relatively organized.
  • My coupon envelope is organized, and I don’t have any outdated coupons.
  • My bills are paid on time.
  • My menus are planned each day.
  • My child’s artwork is thinned, scanned, and organized.
  • I don’t have a million crayons, markers, and other art supplies hanging in various areas around the house.
  • My kid plays with all her toys.
  • My holiday decorations are separated, labeled, and easy to locate and access.
  • My holiday and birthday presents are mailed and received on time.
  • We celebrate our holidays as we see fit.
  • Our lawn is mowed, and the weeds are pulled.
  • Our cars are washed.
  • We are prepared for emergencies.
  • We have set financial goals and are working toward them.
  • I have no clothes in my closet that I haven’t worn in the last year.
  • I have clothes for my child for the next two years.
  • My pantry, fridge, and freezer are well-stocked.
  • I know where I can buy quality food at the best price.
  • My vacations are planned and budgeted.
  • I don’t waste excessive time online.
  • I arrive at church prepared and on time when the doors open.
  • My house is clean.
  • My laundry is caught up.
  • My family’s sheets have been changed in the last two weeks.
  • I am fully insured.
  • I am prepared if I am pulled over.
  • I have what I need if I have a medical emergency.
  • I don’t have more than the current month of receipts in my possession.
  • I don’t have to spend hours gathering receipts and other documentation for taxes.
  • My family will have what they need if I am incapacitated or if I die unexpectedly.
  • My family members and I are healthy.
  • My house is tidy.
  • I don’t have anything in my house that needs to be trashed, donated, sold, or mailed.
  • My projects are not in states of incomplete.
  • If I am audited–for taxes, homeschooling, etc.–I can grab the information promptly with little stress.
  • My inbox is relatively empty.
  • My house records are organized–just in case we sell and move again.
  • My hard drive is organized.
  • I receive as little unsolicited junk mail as possible.
  • I make intentional, thoughtful decisions.  (I don’t run keys through shredders, lay my keys down somewhere, etc.)
  • I am paperless, and my files are organized.
  • The garbage and recycling cans are at the street the night before collection.
  • My family has a plan in the event of a weather or fire emergency.
  • I protect my family’s privacy as much as possible.
  • I know my priorities.
  • I protect the earth as much as I am able.
  • I don’t waste my resources.
  • I avoid wasting time unless I’m wasting time with my family.
  • I devote time to my family members, even if that means scheduling time for them on a calendar or planner.
  • I ensure my daughter’s social calendar is appropriate.
  • I practice regular self-care–and this means getting enough exercise and sleep.
  • I have a healthy mental balance. This includes maintaining an active prayer life.
  • I do things as easily as possible.
  • I have an updated calendar.

The results?

  • I get to spend a lot of quality time with my family.
  • I have far less stress in my life.
  • I don’t have to clean or tidy or declutter much.

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