Whole Life Challenges: Set an Appointment with Your Doctor.

Whole Life Challenge: Set an appointment with your doctor. | Ordered and Organized

Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor or any other medical provider.  You should direct all your medical questions to a qualified medical provider. 

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If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get healthier in 2018, I’ve got you covered:  I’ll be offering daily challenges to help you improve your health over the next year.  But first, you’ll need to get a full check-up.

So set an appointment for an annual physical, and make notes to ask your doctor some questions.  Some examples:

  • Are you healthy enough to exercise?
  • How much exercise should you aim for?
  • What should your diet look like?
  • Do you need to lose or gain weight?
  • What is your goal weight?

If you’re taking medications, also ask about your medication schedule and ensure that none of your medications are interfering with the absorption of the others.  (I’ll say this:  I have the greatest endocrinologist who answers these questions at every visit.  Everyone should have a doctor like her!)

So call today and set an appointment before the new year begins.  Let the scheduling nurse know that you are calling for a physical or check-up.  (And also, since the flu is awful and is spreading wildly this year, I’d suggest also ordering some face masks to wear while you’re in the doctor’s waiting room.  I use and like these.)  Then make a list of questions you want or need to ask.  For example, do you need blood work done?  I didn’t have blood work done for years until I lost an unborn child to Hashimoto’s thyroidism because of a couple of really horrible medical providers.  Be proactive!  Ask questions!  You really are your best advocate.

When your appointment has concluded, make a note on your calendar to call your doctor at the beginning of next year to schedule another annual physical.

How Did You Do?

Did you call to schedule an appointment?  No?!  What are you waiting for?  Do it today!

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